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The Pruitt-Igoe housing project, built in St. Louis, Missouri has been regarded as one of the most infamous failures of public housing in American history. This marvel in architecture turned into a crime-plagued ghetto that even the poor wouldn't live in. After spending more than $5 million in vain, the St. Louis Housing Authority and later the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development declared Pruitt-Igoe unsalvageable and razed the mammoth, high-rise apartments.

Today, Ted Washington (vocals, synthesizer), pays homage to this idea of something being so beautiful and terrible at the same time in his collaboration with Krista Coppedge (trumpet, synthesizer). The band fuses spoken word, jazz, electronica and various music genres into a sparse, clean sound that creates an emotive landscape for poetry that explores issues of love, drugs, nihilism and socio-economic casting.


released February 1, 2013

Ted Washington - vocals, synthesizer
Krista Coppedge - trumpet, synthesizer


all rights reserved



Pruitt Igoe San Diego, California

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Track Name: Foul

I envision a relapse
A collapse of hope
A rehashing of faults
Only deeper and darker
Where salvation is
One more
One more hit
One more shot
One more bump
One more bullet
Late night early mornings
Convenience store hajjes
Mecca of sugar, salt, fat
Microwave meals, ice cream pints
Insolent clerks and neon
Crumbs of baggies, vials, lighters
Litter the passing
Guide the way home
Where the wicked witch
Preps for my return
If it were only a gingerbread
Stewed, baked, fried
She consumes me
And my foul brain
Track Name: Symbiosis

I can’t let go of you. You won’t let me.
How did it come to this?

I should be thankful for the push. You thought
you were done with me, but you can’t push
that hard — or didn’t.

You wanted distance. I learned that I needn’t
be that close; two drones on rotation for
uninterrupted observation.

Micro-mini cameras hidden for surveillance.
Your room. Your bath. Your car. Your workplace.
The will be no chance of escape.

The airwaves connect us now. My nourishing
fix available twenty-four-seven. Wi-fi enabled and
uploaded live, my reach is global.

You are becoming an internet sensation, virtually
viral. Dedication sites create unverified profiles, unreliable
wiki. IP’d someone on constant feed.

It turns out I’m the tool. My obsession is your obsession.
Your router on endless stream. You sit before the screen
watching you, watching you.
Track Name: Down the Drain
Down The Drain

What I say to you doesn’t matter
at least not in my mind
what you say to me doesn’t matter
I never mind
Sometimes I just don’t care
the shower washes this all away
standing there facing the torrent
the shower washes you all away
induced short term memory lapse
the shower is all I know
sometimes I kneel to see
where all the dirt, grime, and day go
I’m trying to care a little bit more
to grasp something solid
so I listen to your insight, fables, and folklore
sometimes I get too close
the shower washes this all away
transfixed by the swirl the water and I escape
the shower washes you all away
inhaled marijuana paranoia rush distrust
the shower is all I know
sometimes I sit to dream
visions of departing down the drain I flow
Track Name: Proletariat

this is not the answer
the beast is still buoyant
but swims with no direction
the common desire of survival
as a state of being
may not be enough motivation
for good behavior
from the limbs submerged
working harder than ever
working longer than ever
working better than ever
to keep the beast afloat
and the dream alive
but the feet
the head makes decisions
to keep the head
dry and aloft
the feet the legs
the working extremities
are driven
for the head feels
it must survive
but the feet tire
there is no reward
no time for rest
no time for relax
no time for recovery
only work
more and more of the beast
finds the water
and is submerged
what will become of the beast
when the head hits the water
Track Name: Gods Reflect
Gods Reflect

Blunt honesty
There is no substitute for truth
Lies paint pretty pictures
But dull the punch
Pain can be pleasure (bite me)
When desired for effect
Change can be like that
One hundred becomes a tip
A blurry buzz in return
Morning heaves of prayer
Gods do not answer
They are honest to a fault
No pretty pictures in store
The bowl reflects
The source of the deposit
In one way
Out the same
But changed
Grasp the rim
A firm fixture
That does not lie
Track Name: Affair
This Affair

This affair has suffered the same fate as all things
Our time together
The bliss
Lost hours forgotten days
Our moments presented for all to see
The vision
You drove me to drink
I’m drinking now
You are not here
You hang at another’s
If I had known
Would I have given up so much to achieve you
The end elation
Your flaws show my imperfection
I pray for perfection more than the end
I would continue without end
If there was hope of perfection
And you have flaws
My flaws

We grow apart
Others come
Others go
Their nakedness perfect for my embrace
I mar them
Scar them
And cover them
As I did you
They also leave me
Growth what a bitch
What a struggle
Will you forgive
Will they forgive
I will try again
My path of construction/deconstruction
Lays ahead of me
Life art
Track Name: Mass Graves
Mass Graves

Will I ever find peace again
Maybe I never had it
This inner turmoil must cease
Or it will destroy me
But maybe that is what needs to be done
So that I can be free again
Free of expectation
Free of desire
When I do not know what I want

I know what I do not want
I do not want to be happy to make everyone else happy
Such bullshit
As if that will solve anything
I don’t need to be friends with everyone
I don’t like everyone
And I don’t care if they like me
I could walk through a room full of bodies
Eating a sandwich
And come back for a drink

Mass graves are the legacy of civilization
Cheap and efficient
And with the right equipment
Hands free
Humans are so smart
I will be glad when this is over
Track Name: Songbird

Another bird has flown away
That is what they do
This one was especially, special
Delicate feathers, strong wings
A lilting song, an exotic creature
Birds fly
That is what they do
If you hold them too tightly
The joyous gleam in their eyes fade
What a time it was with the bird
Save a bit of the song on my voice mail
Play it over and over
The goodbye song
Birds fly
That is what they do
Hope that bird flies this way again